Not a lonely Christian

I came to college seeking not only a degree in Computer Science but also a way for me to continue in my christian life pursuit. After I met some of the other students involved with Christian Students and participated in several of the meetings on campus I realized that I wasn't just another lonely christian trying to figure out what God had planned for me in my life, but I really began to have my eyes opened to what God was doing among many of the other students like myself. Every week I was able to meet with others at almost any time of the day and we would get into the Bible together and really enjoy the Spirit with the Bible through prayer and fellowship. In order to practice what I had been learning and enjoying through our small appointments I also participated in preaching the gospel on campus and meeting with other christian students to share with them the riches I had gained. This really was a big help to me to realize that what I receive from the Lord is not just for me but for all the members in the Body of Christ and the unbelievers who had never heard the gospel. I have been with Christian Students since I first came to Tech and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute that was spent with the other believers.

D. C.

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