I didn't miss out

I didn’t miss out. The college years could possibly be the most interesting time in one’s life. It’s a time when you’ll feel the most busy yet be the most free. I, like thousands of other incoming college students, had the desire to optimize my time in college – get a good education and have an enjoyable time doing it. I thank the Lord that He provided fellow lovers of Christ to help me carry out that wish.

I started meeting with Christian Students my first semester at Tech, and still haven’t stopped. What I appreciated most was the companion meetings throughout the week. I don’t know what I would have done without them! So many times I’d just feel dead and tired during the day, but then meet with another brother or two, and then feel so refreshed! This is real! We’d really dive into the Word and I could sense it really supplied me. Sometimes we’d even go out onto the campus and speak to other students about this Christ Whom is God’s delight and the meaning of human life. It’s like the Lord gave us a special filling in the pre-prayer and an extra supply of Grace when going out to speak. I had the conviction many times that this is what I was created to do. I realized that apart from enjoying Christ, nothing truly satisfies. Everything in the world just seems to leave an aftertaste of dissatisfaction. For example, I used to look forward to taking tests so I could see how well I performed with the amount of studying I put in. Even when I got back a high grade, I’d still have the “now what?” feeling within. Quite a contrast to how Christ is bringing our whole being, sprit, soul, and body, into resurrection by adding Himself as the resurrection life to it. God and His purpose are reality; everything else is just vanity. I'm glad I didn't waste time exploring for myself how the world doesn’t satisfy.

I’m thankful the Lord connected me with such a loving and seeking group of believers on campus. I didn’t even mention the enjoyable home meetings, quarterly conferences, and weekly college meetings and Bible studies. My time in college was definitely well spent.

P. H.

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