The Way to Follow Jesus

As a junior now with a little bit more experience, I more fully realize the value of meeting with a other believers. In retrospect, it is apparent that I could be nowhere near where I am today as a Christian enjoying the Lord if it were not for the other believers I found to fellowship with. I came to Tech with a certain love for the Lord and for the Bible. However, it has been so helpful to see patterns of fellow pursuers of Christ whose love for the Lord is quite great and who really love and understand the riches found in the Bible. I think Jesus is the top pattern as a man on the Earth, and Paul the apostle was also a pattern found in the Bible, but it is also helpful to have patterns of believers with us today as well as fellow-learners that really strive to be filled with the Lord in their daily living.

One enjoyable aspect of our fellowship would have to be meeting in the homes. These are usually on Friday nights in a Christian family’s home nearby. This semester it has been really informal, but really living. We get together, usually about 10 to 15 students with a family that makes a meal and maybe 2 or 3 of their friends. We eat and then sing and then some of us will just open up about what was our topmost enjoyment of Christ that week.

One week it really hit me that the only way we can give our life to the Lord is if we love Him. The only way we can truly follow Jesus is if we are filled with love for Him. Something I had read that week had struck me concerning that point. But at that time it was only something I had enjoyed myself. Then, when I got to the home meeting that week, I just had a feeling to share that with the others and when I was speaking I was overcome with love for our precious Lord Jesus. I think through speaking that point I was helped even more. It has been so good to share something that others will appreciate, and also to hear what someone else went through all the while being built up in Christ with other college students.

S. R.

Memphis, TN

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