What Is This All About?

Freshman year of college left me feeling very empty and unsatisfied. I had good times with friends and stuff I enjoyed doing, but eventually everything got old. Going out became pointless and even my favorite books, computer games, music, and movies turned unappealing. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was all life was about: finding stuff you like doing and doing them whenever you had the free time. This bothered me quite a bit and led me to believe that life itself is meaningless. I did some research to find out what other people had to say about that, but no one really knew for sure, just some guesses.

It was a little afterwards that a friend invited me to one of the Christian Students’ meetings and I went because there was free food and I had nothing else to do. There I was surprised by what they had to say. It wasn’t the usual “honor God, be good, don’t sin” kind of deal that I had grown up hearing. Rather, they talked about the meaning of human life and how everyone is “thirsting” for something that will fully satisfy them. Like a vessel, we were made to contain God, the only thing that can ever quench our deepest thirst. This happens only when we receive Christ as life and experience Him as living water. I was glad to hear what they had to say and thought that maybe I would give the Lord Jesus a chance and see if it was true.

At that point I had been saved for almost five years but really didn’t know anything about being a Christian. As a start I began to read the Bible. I saw that it is not just a rule book with some stories in it, but a book of life. Reading it contented me in a way I couldn’t explain, other than it was something spiritual. From there, the things of Christ started becoming more real to me; the objective truths in the Bible became my subjective experience of the Lord. I found that knowing Him in this way was completely satisfying. I knew then for myself that this is what I was made for.

Ever since, the Lord has been faithful to shepherd me and keep me following Him. He has more than exceeded the expectations I had since that first Christian Students meeting. I now know that I am here on earth to be filled with Christ and express Him with all the other members of His Body. By experiencing Him and contacting Him I am fully satisfied and happy, even in the midst of hard times. I have to say, knowing the Lord Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

S. M.

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