We live for a purpose

When we live, we know that we live for a purpose, although we cannot explain why, and we don't really agree that our life is meaningless. People have their own pursuits, joy, wealth, fame ... But then, why do we keep on trying to find things to fill our time, and yet not feel satisfied eventually? Why do we have to carry on a life that is not so full of meaning? Also, why do we have to give our own meanings to our life, and in the end feel like we have lived only to leave a bank account to our children?

I have never been a pursuer of God in the past. Also, many well-intentioned friends preached the gospel to me, but I never believed in God nevertheless. Deep inside me, I felt that God has to exist. The world is created beautiful, and human beings are created intelligent. But then, I never found the One true God, until I met the Christian Students.

If today you happen to be an atheist, then I can say that I used to be just like you. God does not discriminate against you based on anything.

I have found a group of Christians to meet with and to enjoy the Bible with, and I found a place where I could learn about God. Everyone is welcome.

C. L.

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